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Ṫř𝐞żȏř Ŵå𝐥𝐥eť (Ȏ𝗳𝗳ī𝗰iå𝐥) | 𝕭ȋŧ𝗰ȏin & Čřŷꝓṫȏ Ŝ𝐞𝗰úříťẏ

An update for Trezor Suite (version 22.9.3) is now ready to install. To download and apply the update, open Trezor Suite and follow the on-screen instructions. Changes included in this update are also listed in the release notes for this version.
Trezor Suite is free to use on desktop or browser at
Dozens of features to discover. Try Suite now.Enhanced security and privacy, new design and improved performance, all in one software suite. Compare competitive…
Try out new Trezor Suite features a week before official release when you sign up for the Early Access Program in Application Settings! Since August, we have begun releasing new updates in stages to smaller groups of users, so you may not receive the update prompt until several days after this announcement.

Coin control

Coin control is an advanced feature that allows you to specify which UTXOs you want to spend in a transaction. Used properly, it can improve privacy, though we only recommend that you use it once you are familiar with the principles.
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